Looking for a Lagotto puppy? For the best advice on what you need to know, read this great page What Good Breeders Do and What Good Owners Should Ask by the USA Lagotto Club

The New Zealand Kennel Club (aka Dogs NZ) lists available Lagotto Romagnolo litters here:


Carino Kennel
Located in Auckland, you can find us on FaceBook

Comacchio Kennels
Located in North Canterbury, please see our website for more information.

Glenstar Kennels 
Located north of Christchurch, you can find us on FaceBook

Matipo Kennel
Located in the Manawatu, more information can be found on our website.

Takahoa Kennels
Takahoa means to ‘Be-Friend’ and we think there is no better name for our Kennels. We are Sue Milner (Northland) and Robert Rangi (Wellington).

Trazarra Kennels
Located south of Auckland, you can find us on FaceBook

Truffleway Kennel
We currently have no puppies available, please check out one of our fellow breeders.

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